Experts in leveraging data for programmatic advertising for online
and digital out of home.
Extensive experience in the US and international markets.
Connected to advanced advertising platforms with access to millions of websites and apps, and thousands of digital screens in public places.
Advanced integrated algorithmic platfOrmS, data, and artificial intelligence enable data-based decisions and insights for every aspect of your marketing stage.
The magic happens in three stages:


Develop Deep Customer Data​

First, we will collect and analyze existing data to segment the audience, and then generate precise insights about them after their exposure to your campaign. Based on understanding the unique features of your audience,
we will then reach other audiences that are alike.
At the Right Place, at the Right Time, with the Right Message.
We reach potential customers when they are in a specific and strategic place for your business, and target them with a customized message exactly when they need your product or service most.


Be part of there life

Omni-channel DSP

Our use of programmatic platform to deliver advertising in the online space allows your brand to reach the relevant audience based on unique data, profound insights, and optimized, targeted exposure.

DOOH Smart Screen Network

Our advertising platform is connected to thousands of smart screens in public places. This network enables you to programmatically display your brand on screens viewed by your target audience every day – gyms, billboards, beauty salons, service centers, grocery and convenience stores, clinics and waiting rooms, shopping centers, elevators, office buildings, and more.

Any format, any place.


Time for Growth

We translate your initial success into long-term profitability through continuous integration of data with both new and ongoing campaigns.

Leveraging all the data we have gathered, we will improve your ad exposure through audience segmentation and increase the chance that they will be interested in your ad.

Our real-time reporting and analysis enables superior insights and efficiency.

Through a high-level understanding of preferences and
behaviors, you can accompany your customers throughout their journey,
across channels and devices – anytime, anywhere.